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Watch Your Step: Implementing Fall Protection at Work

What you can to do prevent workplace falls

In the construction industry, falls make up the largest number of workplace fatalities, accounting for 38.8% of total deaths in 2015. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 261,930 workers missed one or more days of work due to falls in 2014. OSHA also reports that fall protection standards are the most commonly violated standards in the industry. Preventing worker injury is an essential part of any workplace safety program. Here are some ways in which you can make sure to implement fall protection in your business:

Employee Education

  • Worker training programs are the best way to make sure that employees have access to the necessary safety information
  • Training teaches employees how to identify hazardous situations and avoid unnecessary dangers, as well as operate any safety equipment they may use
  • Include hands-on instruction in addition to classroom instruction to provide more effective training
  • OSHA provides instructional materials for training employees in fall protection

Invest In Safety

  • Employees are worth the cost of investing in safety equipment
  • Installing nonslip material on slick surfaces helps reduce falls
  • Safety harnesses and other equipment should be OSHA compliant to ensure the best safety for your employees
  • Guardrail systems should be installed where necessary and they should follow OSHA standards for the best
  • A proper guardrail system also protects workers from falling objects

Implement a Culture of Safety

  • Encourage your employees to approach work with safety in mind every day
  • Communicate your safety messages to your employees through signs and employee newsletters
  • Provide a clear way to report safety violations and make sure that any issues are dealt with seriously
  • Routinely provide safety checks to ensure that your safety standards are being followed by everyone

Implementing fall prevention procedures at work is the best way to keep your employees safe from falls and falling objects. A good safety plan teaches and encourages workers to behave in a safe and productive manner. When everyone is being safety conscious and following proper procedures, you reduce the risk of fatal or injury-causing accidents.

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