firework safety

Fireworks Safety

Millions of Americans will pop and marvel at fireworks this Independence Day so we wanted to take a break from our usual workplace safety tips to provide some fireworks safety tips! Click below to watch our video of tips.

Taking precaution and making sure kids don’t get close to fireworks will save you a lot of hassle and injuries this 4th of July. We’ve compiled some easy safety tips from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that could help you from bodily and property damage this weekend. Click on the link above for the entire list.

Want even more information on fireworks safety? Check out this infographic from the CPSC regarding fireworks.

firework safety infographic

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Productivity Morning Routine

Increase Workplace Productivity With Your Morning Routine

Do you come to work exhausted and feel your productivity dropping? While we’re befitting from smartphones, we are also working longer hours checking emails at home and at night. This bad habit (and other factors!) is impacting workers’ sleep and their morning routine. put together an infographic to help improve your mornings and set the tone for your day!

How you start the morning is very important on your productivity at work. These helpful tips will have you feeling fresh and ready to dominate at work.

productivity morning routine

most active professions

The Most Active Professions

Health tracker company FitBit recently conducted a survey that tracked the most active people (averaging at least 10k steps a day) and their professions. Check out the infographic below to see which profession was named the most active!


most active professions

Distracted Driving

The One Safety Policy Your Company Needs Now

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and the National Safety Council put out a great infographic for employers on how they can lower accidents caused from cell phone use while employees drive.

Does your company have a cell phone policy for employees? Here are some interesting facts from the infographic on the dangers of cell phone use while driving and the importance of a safety policy in place:

  • 25% of all crashes involve cell phones. 4% of those crashes are from drivers texting. This stat doesn’t cover how many accidents occurred because of drivers checking emails so this number might be slightly higher.
  • Need another reason for a cell phone policy? How about liability? Check out this report from the NSC on the importance of a comprehensive cell phone policy for employers.
  • Putting a ban on cell phones in cars will more than likely not decrease productivity. In fact, the NSC found that only 1% of companies reported a decrease in productivity after putting a safety policy.

Take a look at the full infographic below and for more information visit the National Safety Council.

distracted driving infographic

[Infographic] Unplugging on the Weekends

Are you struggling from electronic device distress? If you are, you’ve probably tried these recommended stretches (linked in the body), but now we’re challenging our readers to take the unplug challenge!

Soon as you leave work on Friday, try to limit the use of your phone and other electronic devices during the weekend. We’ve attached a fantastic infographic from the Greatist on tips to get you started on unplugging, but here are some other tips to help you keep that phone out of your hand:

Also read: Stretches to help with Electronic Device Distress

  • Phones are the new cameras and you will have plenty of moments you want to photograph during the weekend, but once you take that perfect shot, put the phone up! Save all of those moments for Monday and upload them in an album on Facebook instead of individually posting them throughout the weekend.
  • Turn off your email notifications! Chances are that your emails can wait until Monday morning when you’re back in the office. If you do need to be available for emergencies, give your phone number to a supervisor so they can call you in case something comes up that needs immediate attention.
  • If you really need to use your phone or iPad (Hello, Netflix binge watching!) then allocate a certain amount of time and that’s it. Finish everything you need and then put the phone up!


[Infographic] Tips for Daylight Saving Time

We’re going to ‘spring forward’ this Sunday and lose an hour of sleep so the folks at Everyday Health have created an infographic packed with tips on how to adjust to the time change.

daylight saving tips

Source: Everyday Health

What tips do you have to help with the time change? While most of our clocks are now digital, don’t forget to change the time on your watches, car clocks, and appliances at home!