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3 Ways to Improve Your Teamwork

Creating a positive atmosphere for collaboration

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Working with a team is a rewarding experience. Teams benefit both the employees and the company by boosting productivity. No matter the size of the group, each and everyone needs to have members willing to cooperate with one another. Here are a few ways to promote teamwork in the workplace:

  1. Communicate Frequently

“In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly.”—Mark Sanborn

Consistent communication benefits the group by keeping the whole team informed of progress or any changes that may take place. Communication can take the form of weekly meetings, team emails, group calls, and even team lunches. Whatever the method, great teams have great communication.

  1. Work through Conflict as a group

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Conflict is a part of teamwork and overcoming it is a necessary step in creating an exceptional team. Professional disagreements over an issue can be beneficial to the group. Productive communication will help keep unnecessary conflict from happening. Avoid comments or remarks that make the disagreements personal, rather than professional. Conflict is an opportunity to grow and everyone on the team should be open to challenges.

  1. Special Events

“Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success” – Stephen Covey

Take opportunities to break away from the norm. Have a team party, such as a potluck or cookout, to reward reaching a milestone in the team’s work. For teams that are fairly permanent, team retreats give the team members a chance to get to interact as a group outside of the workplace and usually incorporate many team-building activities. Getting your team away from work, but still interacting, helps build strong connections between team members and fosters team growth.

In your team, whether it is small or large, new or old, temporary or permanent, having strong teamwork is vital to your success. By defining your team, working through conflict, and building your team, both on a daily basis and through special events, you will find an increased willingness to cooperate with your team.

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