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4 Reasons to Invest in Employees’ Health

Increase productivity and decrease costs

At Nova, we focus on the employee, getting them back to work stronger and healthier than before.  A study from the Integrated Benefits Institute estimated a total cost of $576 billion spent annually on workplace illnesses, some that could have been prevented. Investing in your employee’s health on the front end can decrease costs on the back end. With benefits such as less sick days and a decrease in healthcare insurance costs, below are four other reasons why investing in employees’ health is the right thing to do.

  1. Increases Trust in the Employer

When an employer invests in the health of their employees, their employees will feel as though they are cared for. The more comfortable these employees are in the workplace, the more willing they are to follow the company’s mission and perform their jobs adeptly. Companies should not focus solely on the ROI or the annual revenue but also on the well-being of these workers who help drive their companies. Helping to reduce health risks with preventative methods can overall increase how employees feel as well as their job satisfaction.

  1. Promotes Employee Interaction

In a company, no department is more important than another. It is important for all employees to understand and respect one another’s contribution to the company. A good way to promote a healthy relationship between co-workers is to have them engage in non-work related activities together (i.e. fitness competitions). Investing in a wellness program that is team-based can increase the company’s morale as well as the interactions and connections amongst various departments. With the employees working toward the same goal, all will learn to collaborate beyond the surface of the job.

  1. Decreases Stress and Increases Productivity

We’ve heard endless times throughout our lives that physical activity and a proper diet can decrease stress and anxiety. Investing in the health of employees will allow for them to clear their minds of all the things not relating to their work. Exercising and proper nutrition also boosts energy and the more energy employees have, the more productive and diligent they are in their work assignment and projects. Eventually, this can lead to decreased absenteeism and a decrease in time wasted at work doing nothing, a phenomenon known as presenteeism.

  1. Increases Overall Happiness of Employees

Clients and customers are not the only set of individuals employers must please in their companies. Studies show that when employees are happy, their serving population is happy as well which reflects positively on the business. The American Psychology Association conducted a survey investigating the effects of a healthy workplace on employee turnover and their complaints of high-stress work environments. The results of the study are displayed in the graph below which show a vast difference in healthy workplaces compared to the national average according to the variables surveyed. The benefits of investing in employees’ health can lead to the retention of good employees as well as the attraction of future qualified employees since many employees look for companies with good benefits.

With a direct link between employee health and organization performance, taking the initiative to invest in loyal employees that will stick around for a while is an investment worth making. Investing in their health can ensure they are personally striving for their best as healthy employees equal a healthy company. After all, employees are an investment to a company so why not invest in their well-being?

At Nova Medical Centers, we specialize solely in Occupational Health. Our Onsite Services are used to help employers with their health-related employment processes from Pre-Employment testing to Corporate Health & Wellness fairs to HR & Safety Consulting.

Nova Medical Centers can help by assisting and educating employers and employees and giving them a unique insight to Occupational Medicine.

Written by: Oluchi Nwaobia

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