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Nova Medical Centers began as a single facility formed 28 years ago in Conroe, Texas, to provide the highest level of healthcare to patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries. Currently, Nova treats more than 40,000 injuries and sees more than a million patient visits in 12 months. Nova operates 65 occupational medicine facilities across Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

We achieve our success by providing exceptional, turnkey services for the health and wellness of America’s workforce and by delivering unparalleled cost savings to employers. These services include minor emergencies, injury care, pre-employment services, drug screens, physical therapy, online reporting, and an expanded complement of occupational health services.

Nova Medical Centers meets all standards set forth by OSHA, ADA, NIOSH, as well as all other state and federal guidelines. Additionally, to assure the highest level of professional healthcare, Nova Medical Centers’ providers are all credentialed using the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) guidelines.

Simply stated, we at Nova Medical Centers are the best in the industry. Our focus is solely on occupational medicine. Our patients get healthy sooner with optimal results so that they can return to work sooner, safer and stronger. Allow us to serve you for your best results!

Nova Medical Centers was built on ambition and a strong desire to be the best. Our objective is to become a national entity by 2030, so be sure to look for us near you!