Networks & Payors

Nova Medical Centers values its contracted relationships with network and managed care entities. Nova participates as a “network provider” with national, regional and local networks to ensure injured employees have access to any one of our locations throughout the states we operate. Our network partners recognize our commitment to staffing our centers with highly qualified, trained and fully credentialed practitioners. Based on our formal credentialing program that meets the NCQA credentialing guidelines, the majority of our network partners rely on our credentialing program as a delegated entity.

Depending on various state network requirements, Nova participates in Workers’ Compensation preferred provider networks, state certified networks and/or specialty networks. Please find below the networks and products we participate in the states we operate.

Should you have any questions or wish to obtain further information, please reach out to our corporate office 1-866-480-1310 or email us by clicking below.

Over the course of the past 15 years, the leadership of Nova has refined and enhanced its proprietary EMR and web-based reporting system, Occuflex, to improve communications and provide better efficiencies. Occuflex offers connectivity for employers, payors, and network partners by leveraging technology to bridge the gap of timely reporting, ease of scheduling, allowing faster return to work, and improving treatment outcomes.

Member of WCRI & AAPAN

Contracted Networks

Nova Medical Centers are approved providers for workers compensation networks in the following states. To see each list, please click the desired state below or the multi-state grid for a comprehensive national list.