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Allergy Season: 4 Tips to Keep You Healthy

Here’s how to stay healthy during allergy season

As flu season comes to an end, allergy season begins. About 50 million Americans suffer from year-long or seasonal allergies. , According to WebMD allergies are the No. 2 reason adults miss work. In fact, the average worker with allergies misses about one hour a week over the course of a year. Along with the typical allergy symptoms of coughing, sneezing, itchiness, and wheezing, allergies can wreak havoc on your body and make you feel exhausted. Allergies don’t need to rule your life or make you less productive at work. Here are some tips to keep you healthy this allergy season.

  1. Look into preventative measures ahead of time

Before allergy season comes into full bloom, you can take steps to reduce your symptoms ahead of time. Some things you can do are:

  • Start your spring cleaning early
  • Visit your doctor and get a treatment plan in place
  • Take allergy medicine before allergy season begins
  1. Identify workplace allergy triggers

Sometimes the environment that you work in can trigger your allergies. In order to reduce your symptoms makes sure you are aware of some of the common allergy triggers in your workplace. Once you are able to identify these allergens you can:

  • Make your work area well ventilated with less than 50% humidity in an office
  • Clean and make sure your workspace is dusted regularly
  • Make sure workplace plants are properly taken care of to avoid mold
  • Avoid air fresheners or strong perfumes in office spaces
  1. Consistently take allergy medicine or get an allergy shot

There are a variety of allergy medicines to choose from on the market. Take time to figure out which allergy medicine works for you.  If the medicine you take makes you drowsy, take it at night and use a non-sedating antihistamine in the morning. If your allergies are more severe than most, consider doing an allergy test to see what you’re allergic to and take allergy shots prescribed by your doctor.

  1. Switch up your daily routine

In order to reduce allergy symptoms, your day-to-day activities might have to change during allergy season. For example, if you regularly exercise outside consider exercising inside on days where the pollen count is higher. If you wash your hair every other day try washing your hair every night or soak it in a bathtub to reduce pollen. Maybe you’re used to washing your bedding every two weeks. During allergy season try to wash your bedding at least once a week to reduce any potential allergy triggers.

Allergy season might be unavoidable but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable and suffer from allergy symptoms throughout the season. Try implementing these tips so that you can feel your best and stay at your healthiest. You might also like: 5 Ways for Workers to Gain Energy and Combat Fatigue and 6 Tips to Keep Your Workplace Illness Free

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