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3 Unique Ways to Switch Up Your Work Routine

Being a productive employee makes you a valuable asset to your company but improving productivity can be challenging.  According to recent reports, 70% of American employees don’t feel engaged at work. If you work in a job that is routine, it can be easy to find your job mundane and feel unmotivated to work at your highest potential. Here are some unique ways to switch up your work routine and improve your job productivity.

  1. Listen to Music

If your job permits, listening to music while you perform your tasks can be a great way to help you stay creative, focused, and efficient depending on your work environment.  For instance, if you have a job where your work is repetitive or your workplace is noisy, listening to music can help you improve your mood and retain clarity and focus. Here are some rules to keep in mind if listening to music at work.

  • Always use your headphones. Never play your music out loud on your phone or mp3.
  • Don’t make your music too loud that you wouldn’t be able to hear a phone call or your work colleague speaking to you.
  • Be courteous to your work neighbors. Don’t sing along if you don’t have the pipes and try not to hum loudly.
  • Minimize chair dancing. An occasional head bob and foot tap is fine.
  1. Create a Workplace Vision Board

Writing down tasks can be a great way to accomplish short-term and long-term goals but a more creative way is to make a vision board. Visualization is powerful. A study by TD Bank showed that 82% of small business owners that used visualization to meet their entrepreneurial goals from the start have accomplished more than half of the goals on their vision board. The mental practice of visualization has been proven to be almost as effective as the true physical practice and doing both together is the most effective.  Here are some tips on how to create a vision board for work.

  • Cut out images and words that are work-related and inspire you to accomplish your work goals. (Preferably do this outside of the workplace).
  • Try to be as specific and detailed as possible with the goals and outcomes you want to see.
  • Keep your vision board in an area where you can see it every day and use it as a daily reminder of what you set out to achieve.
  1. Substitute Coffee with Matcha Tea

Many working Americans depend on coffee to kick-start their day, but there is an alternative to coffee that works just as well and that’s matcha. Matcha is a stone ground tea leaf that is unheated to preserve its nutrients. It is the most powerful green tea out there and essentially is a superfood. Some of the benefits of Matcha tea are:

  • Equal levels of caffeine are high with coffee minus the “coffee” crash.
  • It’s packed with antioxidants
  • Improved immune system and increased metabolism rate
  • Reduce stress levels and better concentration rates

Switching up your work routine by applying these tips could help you improve your productivity and increase your well-being. You might also like to read: How to Maintain your Mental Health at Work and 5 Ways to Stay Focused on The Job.


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