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How to Avoid a Foot Injury in the Workplace

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 60,000-foot injuries are responsible for keeping people from work each year. Of those injuries, 75% of those cases involved workers, not in compliance with current safety regulations. On average, these injuries can cause up to 5 lost workdays and can cost up to $600 million in lost production. Some of the most common injuries include broken toes and feet, puncture wounds, cuts, severed toes, burns, electric shocks, and sprains or fractures. Safety footwear and training are essential in order to keep your worker’s feet protected. Here are tips on how to protect your employees’ feet:

  1. Make sure you meet OSHA’s industry standards.

By OSHA’s standards, all employers must ensure that employees use protective footwear when working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due to: falling or rolling objects piercing the sole, static-discharge, or electric-shock hazards. Employers need to be able to provide this without any additional cost to their employees. It is also important for employers to make sure their footwear meets and passes the ASTM F2412-11, Standard Test Methods for Foot Protection.

  1. Use the right protective footwear for the job.

Not all protective footwear is the same. It’s just as if not more important that you pick the right protective footwear for your industry and according to your work environment. Protective footwear can include:

  • Safety-toed shoes are used in the factory and mill industries.
  • Steel insole shoes-for employees, who drive heavy trucks, ride bikes, or push pedals.
  • Metal Instep footwear-used to protect the feet from sharp objects like nails, glass pieces, etc.
  • Metatarsal Shoes– used to protect shoes from heavy equipment falling or “drop hazards.”
  • Electric Hazard Shoes– for employees who work with electricity, circuits, wiring, and high voltage machines.

Make sure that you have a proper understanding of your work environment and that you are aware of the type of footwear your employees need.

  1. Make sure your employees are properly trained.

It is mandated by OSHA that all employees should have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training for the foot. PPE training for the foot should include:

  • How to identify common workplace hazards regarding foot injuries.
  • Know the common types of PPE for the foot.
  • How to take care of PPE for the foot.
  • Know the proper fit for PPE for the foot.
  • Understand the value of PPE for the foot.

Taking the extra steps to ensure that your protective footwear meets OSHA’s standards, is functional for your job field and your employees are properly trained, helps protect your employee’s feet and keeps productivity high for your business. You might also like Personal Protective Equipment: Be Safe Not Sorry and Understanding the 4 Most Common Musculoskeletal Disorders

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