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5 Reasons to Receive the Flu Vaccine

Nova’s Onsite Flu Shot Clinics are a solution to keep your staff healthy

Each year between 5 and 20 percent of the population in the United States will contract the flu. However; receiving the flu vaccine reduces the risk of contracting the flu by 50 to 60 percent. At Nova Medical Centers we care about employee health, which is why we offer our Onsite Flu Shot Clinics.

Dr. Novosad, our regional medical director said “It is that time of the year to start thinking about and getting a flu shot.  To avoid getting and/or lessening the symptoms of the flu, a flu shot is the answer.”

Read below for 5 reasons to receive the flu vaccine.

Here are 5 reasons to receive the flu vaccine:

  1. Reduces the chance of catching the flu
  • As mentioned above, getting the flu vaccine lowers the risk of contracting the flu by 50 to 60 percent
  • The flu vaccine takes around two weeks after inoculation to become effective
  1. Lowers the severity of the flu
  • The flu vaccine does not make you 100 percent immune to the flu
  • With the vaccine, your body and your immune system will be better equipped to fight the virus if you do get sick, minimizing the time you spend sick
  1. Protects at-risk members of the population
  • Pregnant women, children, and older adults are at high risk for complications from the flu
  • Some people have weakened or compromised immune systems, putting them at higher risk for complications from the flu
  • People with medical conditions like chronic lung disease or diabetes lower their chances of hospitalization by 52 and 79 percent respectively
  • The vaccine may protect babies for up to four months after birth
  1. Promotes “Herd Immunity
  • Herd immunity works when the majority of the population is vaccinated
  • It helps contain outbreaks since there are fewer people who are at high risk of contracting the illness
  • Helps protect those who are unable to receive the flu vaccine for medical reasons
  1. Prevents costly impacts to the workforce
  • Annually, the flu costs the United States approximately $10 billion
  • The flu takes about 7-10 days to run its course, impacting days at work

Nova Medical Centers, 100% Occupational Medicine, are here to help you and your employees in preventing workplace outbreaks of the flu. Our Onsite Flu Shot Clinics will provide you and your employees with flu shots without the hassle of making appointments or long wait times at the doctor’s office.

Written by Abraham Kluksdahl

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