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When To Call In Sick

Getting sick in the office or is the office making you sick?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are wondering when you should call in sick.

Imagine you have woken up in the morning and realize you have caught a bug, mentally or physically. Here are some ways to help you assess for yourself if you should take the day to rest and recuperate so you can come back into the office with improved productivity.


If you have an illness that is contagious, you may be putting the employees in the office at risk by going in to work. In addition, you are putting yourself at risk if going into work could cause you to have an accident, injure others or cause mistakes in your work production. If there is a chance that going into work could cause harm to someone, it is better to stay at home. Also, it is important to be aware that some individuals who may be working among you may have chronic illnesses. For example, a co-worker may be undergoing chemotherapy for cancer or there may be a woman who is pregnant, which means that she may be particularly susceptible to catching an illness.

Mental Health Reasons

According to a survey published in National Alliance on Mental Illness, an estimated 83% of Americans are under stress in the workplace. Some days you may need to take a personal day to perform at your best in the office. Having such a day can reset your mind to have a more positive outlook and change your perspective. Taking one simple day to yourself can help your work performance and composure in the workplace and could reduce the risk of a possible layoff or experiencing a physical ailment-which could ruin your job and reputation. Taking a day for yourself can help you to be more productive when you come back. A mental health day should be invigorating to your mind, spirit, and body. On such a day, it is recommended to relax and also do something productive. Some examples may be to spend time with a friend or family member, practicing anxiety and depression reducing activities, catching up on sleep or going for a workout. It is encouraged that you try to avoid activities that may deplete your body further, such as spending the whole day drinking.

Informing Your Boss

While having a sick day is usually seen as an acceptable reason to call into work, most bosses might not take kindly to an employee calling into work to have ‘a mental health day’. Kathy Caprino, a contributor to Forbes, says that you should “Call in and share openly with your boss that you’re not well enough to come in.” But present it in a way that won’t be contested or argued with—if you feel ashamed of taking the day for yourself, it will be communicated in your voice and language, she adds.

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Written by: Jessica Hurd




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