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Occupational Medicine Clinics: A Worth-While Investment for Your Company

3 ways occupational medicine clinics benefit your business

Occupational medicine clinics have been providing comprehensive medical care for employers and employees for decades. They provide services such as work injury care, physical therapy, pre-employment services, travel medicine, etc. Since these clinics offer specialized services, often these facilities tend to have more knowledge and experience dealing with occupational health and how it affects your business. Here are 3 ways occupational medicine clinics benefit your company and make it stronger.

  1. They are OSHA experts

Occupational medicine technicians are well versed in OSHA’s standards and consistently stay up to date on any regulation changes. Clinics like Nova, who are solely focused on occupational medicine, are knowledgeable about specific industries and understand the importance of keeping your workers healthy and your recordables low.  At Nova, all technicians are trained to OSHA’S recommendations and have received new silica training. If companies partner with Nova, they have security in knowing that their employees are receiving the best treatment and are also compliant with OSHA’s regulation standards.

  1. They are cost-effective

A goal for all companies is to reduce costs and save money, especially in healthcare. Nova’s expertise in OSHA’s regulations and their ability to properly identify a recordable event vs first aid treatment can reduce indemnity costs for employers. Unlike primary care physicians, Nova has the experience to take care of your workers but also protect your business interests.  Partnering with Nova Medical Centers is a financially smart investment that could save your company thousands in healthcare costs in the long run.

  1. They offer exceptional care

At Nova, we understand how valuable your employees are, and providing the best and most efficient healthcare for your employees is our top priority. We have a 97% same day return-to-work rate and a 91.5% functional improvement rate among our patients. Our goal is not only to return injured employees back to work as soon as possible but to have them return feeling healthier and stronger as ever. We also offer medical and preventative services to employers to avoid and reduce workplace injuries.

Utilizing an occupational medicine clinic for your business can be a wise investment. Medicine clinics solely focused on occupational medicine, are able to specifically cater to the needs of your business. Through their knowledge, they can keep recordables down, lower your healthcare costs and provide efficient care to your employees. You might also like What You Need to Know: OSHA’S Final Rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica and 7 Benefits of Occupational Medicine Facilities.

Written by Elinah Odewale

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