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All About Workers’ Compensation

Know what to do when an employee gets injured

When an employee is injured on the job, the Workers’ Compensation process that follows may be difficult to keep up with. From wondering who will treat each patient with care while simultaneously providing a solid relationship with insurers and employers, the search for a company that specializes in occupational medicine has come to an end. At Nova Medical Centers, we proactively handle all Workers’ Compensation claims and strive to customize care for each of our patients.

  1. An employee has been injured or discovers an illness relating to the job
  • It is important for the employee to be calm in this situation and hold any frustrations they may have
  • The employee’s next step is to report this to their employer as soon as possible. Many states have a set deadline of 30 days after the injury so it is imperative that the report is made promptly
  • The injury report can be anonymous if requested (under certain regulations)
  1. Notify employer
  • After the Employee has been injured, they must notify the employer and Workers’ Compensation Representative (preferably in writing)
  • The Employer must provide the claim the same day they were made aware of the injury
  • All employers should already have an injury reporting plan/workers compensation plan that employees are aware of
  • Employers must take these reports seriously and take action as soon as possible
  1. File Workers’ Compensation claim
  • The injured employee should receive the claim form within 24 hours of the report from the employer
  • Must specify nature of the injury, date/time/location, involved parties, how the incident occurred, and other related information
  • It is important for both the employer and employee to keep copies of all documents throughout the process
  1. Seek Medical Attention
  • Depending on the nature of the illness/injury, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Locate your nearest Nova Medical Center for the best care
  • There may be a pre-designated list of physicians to choose from. Consult with the employer and/or insurer to find out if Nova physicians are on the designated list. If not, Insurers should click here to add them to the list
  • Employee communication is important so they know the status of their health and their claim. By working with Nova, both parties are updated every step of the way with our online reporting system, Occuflex
  1. Return to Work
  • Nova strives to reduce recovery times while providing superb care for patients
  • Nova guarantees a 14-15 day claim closure to ensure a quick, smooth process
  • Workers’ Compensation is a request for benefits from the employer. Employers should remember not to retaliate against an employee who has filed a claim
  • Modified/restricted duty may be mandatory for employees who are still recovering

Nova Medical Centers is tailored to treat employees who have been injured on the job and is the most competent in the Workers’ Compensation process. When dealing with a work-related injury, it is best to go to an Occupational Medicine facility to get treated. Nova sees over 600,000 patients a year and is the most flexible and reliable company providing instant, personalized care for all workers. Our clients speak highly of our speedy recovery, short wait times, and friendly staff. Click here to read testimonials from our loyal clients and their experience with Nova Medical Centers.



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