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4 Ways to Prevent Workplace Fires & Promote Safety

Inform your coworkers about preventing fires at work

While your home is still the place where most fires happen, the workplace is not fireproof. In the United States, there are approximately 110,000 non-residential building fires each year, resulting in billions of dollars in damage. And workplaces without office buildings, like construction sites, have the risk of fires too. Establishing a culture of fire safety at work is something all employees and employers can do. Pay attention to these four areas to keep the risk of workplace fires low:

  1. Office Fire Plan
  • Law requires fire escapes and posted fire plans
  • Communicating a fire plan increases the chances of survival for people in the office
  • Regularly conducting fire drills keeps employees aware of the fire procedures
  • Know multiple escape routes from your building in the event of a fire
  1. Housekeeping
  • Clean any and all debris that accumulates on desks, in trash bins, or anywhere else at the workplace as they constitute an increased fire risk at work
  • Verify that fire safety equipment is in working order
  • Keep kitchen/breakroom cooking equipment clean to reduce the risk of a fire
  1. Maintain equipment
  • Faulty machinery is sometimes a cause of workplace fires
  • Check to wire and replace faulty cords and equipment
  • Turn off equipment at the end of the day
  • Ensure that electrical sockets are not being overloaded
  1. Smoking Awareness
  • If you smoke, follow these tips
    • Only smoke outside; many state or local laws require that people smoke outdoors and a set distance away from a building
    • Use fire-safe cigarettes; they are designed to prevent fires if left unattended
    • Ensure that the cigarette is fully extinguished before disposing of it
    • E-cigarettes can also pose a fire risk; do not leave them charging unattended

Preventing fires and staying safe if one breaks out is important for all employees. Understanding and practicing the workplace’s fire safety procedures ensure that, in the event of a real fire, the employees know how to be safe. Cleaning the office or worksite regularly and properly maintaining and storing equipment reduces the risk of a fire occurring, as does smoking safely. Through attention to these areas, employers and employees can prevent destructive workplace fires.


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