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First Aid Tips Everyone Should Know

Important tips to keep in mind when helping others

First Aid is defined by Merriam-Webster as emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained. Many organizations provide first aid training to their employees and other organizations specialize in training others in first aid. The American Red Cross trains 6.25 million people in some form of lifesaving each year. While every case of first aid is different, varying from cuts to falls, some elements are universal to all first aid scenarios. Here are 4 points to remember when administering first aid to someone:

  1. Contact emergency personnel
  • If the injury is serious enough to require professional medical help contact emergency services
  • Have someone specific call 911
  • Designating a particular individual to call emergency services is more effective than just saying “Someone call 911!”
  1. Make sure the area is safe
  • Before rushing to a victim’s side make sure that you will not be harmed by anything at the scene
  • If the situation is dangerous, do not proceed until the scene can be made safer or wait until emergency services arrive
  1. Treat the victim for shock
  • Shock is a medical condition where the body, in an attempt to preserve the most important organs, restricts blood flow to other organs, which can result in permanent tissue damage and even death
  • Shock often happens when there has been a significant trauma or illness
  • If someone is injured, treat them for shock by laying them down, covering them with a blanket, and reassuring them to keep them calm
  1. Do not move the victim unless you have to
  • In some situations, moving the victim may cause additional harm to them
  • Only if the scene becomes unsafe, should you move the victim; otherwise, wait for emergency medical personnel to move the victim

Remember these tips when encountering a first aid scenario to ensure that you and the victim are both kept safe from further harm. These 4 points are far from all of the things to remember in a first aid scenario. Consider taking a first aid training course to learn more about what you can do to help in an emergency before first responders arrive. Read the Nova Blog to learn more about safety and injury prevention.

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