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4 Safety Tips to Prevent Eye Injuries

Protect yourself at work

Eye injuries are more common than you think in the workplace. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, about 2,000 U.S. workers injure their eyes at work every day requiring medical treatment. 10-20% of those injuries will cause temporary or permanent vision loss. Most of these injuries can be preventable. Here are 4 tips to prevent eye injuries if you work in construction.

  1. Be aware of the eye safety dangers at work
  • Be aware of your work environment and the hazards that could possibly cause harm to your eyes.
  1. Eliminate eye hazards before starting work
  • You can eliminate potential hazards by using machine guards, work screens or other engineering controls.
  1. Wear eye protection
  • Safety experts and eye doctors believe that the right eye protection can lessen the severity or prevent 90 percent of these eye injuries.
  • There are four types of eye protection that you should use depending on your work environment: non-prescription and prescription safety glasses, Goggles, Face shields and helmets, and Special Protection.
  • Nonprescription and prescription safety glasses– Safety glasses provide eye protection for work conditions where potential hazards can be dust chips or flying particles.
  • Goggles –Goggles protect eyes from impact, dust, and chemical splash.
  • Face shields and helmets- Face shields and helmets should be worn in conjunction with safety glasses and goggles to limit exposure to chemicals and heat.
  • Special protection- Helmets and goggles with special filters help protect the eyes from optical radiation exposure when welding or working with lasers.
  1. Keep your eyewear in good condition
  • All safety glasses must meet the standards of the American National Standards Institute.
  • Safety glasses should also be well maintained, as scratched or dirty eyewear cannot provide adequate protection for workers.
  • If your safety eyewear is damaged, do not use it but replace the eyewear immediately.

Eye injuries are easily one of the most preventable work injuries if the right precautions are in place. Employers and employees can both implement these tips to ensure the eye safety and well-being of everyone in their workplace. You might also like to read: 4 Eye Care and Protection Tips and Dangers for Employers Working in the Sun


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