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How To Maintain Your Mental Health At Work

Increasing wellness in the workplace

Taking care of your mental health is seriously important. Each year, approximately 1 in 5 Americans (43.8 million people) experiences a mental illness. Lack of treatment results in $193.2 billion in lost earnings annually. Mental health care has many benefits; according to the World Health Organization, every dollar spent on mental health could result in four times as much in increased productivity. Boosting your mental health provides many benefits to you and those around you.

Here are 5 tips on taking care of your mental health at work:

  1. Set realistic goals

An easy way to take care of your mental health is by watching how much you take on your plate at work. You are the best judge of your working capabilities. Be honest with yourself and your boss about what you can realistically accomplish. Prioritize your work and focus on the most important stuff.

  1. Take breaks

Work can become monotonous or stressful if you do nothing but sit at your desk and work. Remember to take short planned breaks, five minutes, go stretch your legs, grab a cup of coffee, chat with your officemates and return to your desk refreshed.

  1. Maintain your physical health

Boost your mental health by supporting your physical health. Eat well, go outside and take in some sunlight, take the stairs, and rest your eyes from time to time. Taking care of your physical health has been proven to have positive benefits to your mental health, as well as helping you become a healthier individual.

  1. Take time for yourself

Leave your work at work, and make sure your time away from the office is spent focusing on yourself. Unplugging from the office can be a difficult task in our very active society, but research shows that people who separate work and leisure time have less stress and other health problems and are more focused when they are working.

  1. Seek help

Sometimes some time away from the desk or the office can be just what you need to feel back to your whole self mentally. In more extreme cases, professional help is vital for successful recovery. Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness but of strength; a sign that you recognize the need to address the issue at hand. Seventy-seven percent of employers offer employee assistance programs (EAPs) so you should check with your employer to see if they have such a program in place.

In our knowledge-driven work environments, it is supremely important to be at 100% mentally. Follow these tips and you will find yourself being more productive at work and healthier in general. Take some time daily and make sure to focus on your own mental health.


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