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Occupational Medicine “Eye Test” Results

Last week we posted an occupational medicine “eye test” for all of our social media followers on Facebook and LinkedIn. After many comments, the results are in!

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You’ve probably seen a lot of “eye test” search memes on social media lately. The point of these tests is to see which word jumps out first and the meaning behind why you saw that word first. We decided to create an occupational medicine “eye test” for HR professionals, safety managers, and anybody else in the field! So, which word did you see first?


Here are the results from our followers: As you can see, ergonomics was the most popular word found in the search with 65% of the comments. Safety came in second place with 55% of the comments. Workers and testing followed for third and fourth place. Medicine and health rounded out the field with 5% and 10% respectively.


Is there meaning behind each word and why somebody saw that word? We sure think so! Here are some explanations for both employees and employers:

  • Ergonomics | If this was the first word you saw in the search and you’re an employer, you probably understand the positive impact ergonomics can have on your employees. If this is something you’re just starting to explore, we have two resources for you on getting started with ergonomics in the workplace! If you’re an employee, you probably work at a company that stresses ergonomics and you’ve experienced the benefits.
  • Testing | Are you getting ready to hire a lot of workers for your company? If you’re an employer and you saw “testing” first, pre-employment tests are probably on your mind. Did you know we’re experts in ADA, DOT, NIOSH, OSHA, and other state and federal regulations which govern the occupational medicine industry? As always, you can reach out to us if you have any questions.

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  • Safety | For employers, creating a safe workplace for employees can increase employee morale and cutback on injuries thus increasing efficiency. Doing this starts with hiring the right type of employee and training for safety in your workplace. See our full list of ways to increase safety in the workplace here.
  • Workers | Workers are the heart and soul for any company so finding it first in the search is no surprise, but were you also thinking about workers compensation? Both employers and employees have a lot of questions about workers comp so we’ve created a friendly Q&A section regarding the topic.
  • Medicine | When it comes to occupational health, medicine and vaccinations are very important preventive measures. Employers, are your employees up to date on important vaccines? Employees, are you going to be traveling internationally for work? Make sure you’re current with all of your vaccines before embarking!
  • Health | Overall health in the workplace is important to both employers and employees. We were surprised this word wasn’t seen by more people! Employers, how are you encouraging healthy choices in the workplace? If you need help getting started with improving the overall health of employees, we provide health and wellness fairs!

Now it’s your turn to tell us why YOU saw a word first. Tell us below in the comments or on Twitter.

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