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Monday Roundup – April 13, 2015

Time to catch up on the latest occupational medicine, workplace safety, physical therapy, and general health news with our April 13th Monday Roundup!

As always, if we left something out, tweet it to us at @Nova_MedCenters!

  • Congrats to all of our Nova Star Winners! If you missed the announcement on Facebook, you can watch it right here.
  • Wearable technology, connected devices, and predictive analytics are the future in health. This infographic from Philips explains how connected and personalized the health industry will be in the upcoming years.
  • Is your company falling into a safety plateau? Make sure you’re improving on safety and safety training in the workplace. Here’s why you should be focusing on improving even after you implement a program.
  • More companies and organizations are implementing fitness programs and tests for their employees and this includes the FBI. Check out their fitness test here. Do you think you can pass it?


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