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Monday Roundup — March 30, 2015

We know everyone was out enjoying the weekend and didn’t get a chance to keep up on all of the latest occupational medicine, workplace safety, physical therapy, and general health news so we’re rounding up some of our favorites for your reading pleasure!

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  • Workplace safety is an important aspect of construction sites and WorkSafeBC.com has some important tips on reducing sprains and strains on the job site with these 15 tips.
  • Ladies, don’t pick fashion over function this spring! Check out these tips from physical therapists on picking the right shoes and why stilettos are the worst shoes to wear.
  • Ever wonder what is going on with workplace safety in Canada? Check out this quick read on how Nova Scotia is improving safety for employees.
  • And finally, improving your health starts with a balanced diet and exercise, but a lot of us are too tired after work to hit the gym. Have you thought about working out in the morning? Don’t let the thought of waking up before the sun comes out scare you. These tips from Greatist will help you get out of bed bright and early and finish your workout before work! What workouts do you like to do to become better occupational athletes?

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