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What We Learned About Workplace Safety from College Basketball

College basketball’s most exciting tournament is left with 16 elite teams after the opening weekend of madness! While we were watching all of the exciting tournament games, we took some notes on how your company can increase workplace safety based on the principles and coaching methods from some of the elite college basketball teams.

Recruit/Hire Workers That Fit Your Vision

Coach Tom Izzo of Michigan State is notorious for making deep runs in the tournament even when his teams aren’t favored to win it all. He does this by always recruiting players that fit his system and also show a commitment to his program. Like Coach Izzo, you should look to hire safety-oriented individuals that will help your company excel in workplace safety and those who show a commitment to it. Workers who have a background and history of being safe in the workplace can help your company always make deep runs and win!

Teach and Train Safety

Coach Calipari of the University of Kentucky is taking an undefeated team into the second weekend of the tournament not because he has the most talented team, but because he practices and preaches teamwork and sacrifice. Like Coach Calipari, you can hire the best workers focused on safety, but if you aren’t training and preaching safety in the workplace, your workers won’t practice it daily and stay committed to it.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Coach Bob Huggins of West Virginia entered this tournament with a team that was expected to be out after the first weekend, but now they are looking at a big show down against Kentucky. Coach Huggins has pulled off big upsets before and it all comes down to one thing, practice. Coach Huggins makes his teams practice hard and provides them with a plan to succeed. That same plan helped him defeat a top-seeded Kentucky team in 2010. Start planning and practicing workplace safety with your workers so they can succeed no matter what the circumstances!

Provide the Right Tools No Matter What

Whether it be his Duke Blue Devils team or the USA National team, Coach Krzyzewski always provides the right tools to his players to succeed. While Coach K provides a lot of mental tools to his players, you will need to provide the right physical tools (and tips!) to your workers to promote workplace safety.

Workplace safety starts with a commitment from you and your company. If you want to get started, but need help, contact us to see how we can help provide the best occupational health services and improve work satisfaction and safety.

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