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Flu Season is Coming, Be Prepared!

Flu season is approaching and Nova Medical Centers wants you to be prepared!There are proactive things you can do to help avoid the Flu this season.

“Hand washing is important,” Frank Kromelis, M.D., physician at Nova Medical Centers’ South Clinic, said. “And, of course, get a Flu shot!”

When washing your hands, use warm water and soap. If you are on the go and a sink isn’t readily available, there are other ways you can decrease your contact with germs.

“Use copious amounts of hand sanitizer (during the Flu season),” Donna West, P.A., physician’s assistant at Nova Medical Centers’ South Clinic, said.

Also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, as this is an easy way to not only spread germs, but to also give them a more direct path to getting you sick.

While the actual Flu season varies every year, it typically falls between October and May. In Texas, according to Dr. Kromelis, we often see it hit hardest in December.

Ideally, the vaccine should be administered before the season begins.

Nova Medical Centers offers Flu vaccines ($25 for walk-ins). It takes two weeks after receiving a vaccination for the antibodies to develop in your system, so it is encouraged to get a shot before the season begins to give it time to keep you healthy.

The Flu has a long list of unpleasant symptoms.

”Typically, your first signs of the Flu are upper respiratory symptoms and coughing,” Kromelis said. “You also experience nasal congestion and a sore throat and high fever.”

Body aches, chills, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea are also common Flu indicators.

Rather than suffering through the misery that is Influenza, get a Flu shot today!

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