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Occupational Health Services: Treating More Than Injuries

Experts in Atlanta occupational health services enjoy helping injured workers heal and get back to their jobs, but they do so much more.Their services are designed to help workers, and they also have valuable services that benefit businesses. Here are some of the ways that occupational medicine can make businesses safer and help them reduce expenses.

Pre-Hire Drug Screening

Businesses want to know that they are hiring responsible and reliable workers. This means that they don’t want people who are spending their free time on the weekends doing recreational drugs. With pre-employment drug testing through Atlanta occupational health services, they will have some assurance that their employees are clean and drug-free.

Some companies have established non-smoking policies for their employees. This helps them reduce medical expenses and maintains a cleaner working environment. In addition to testing for recreational drugs, occupational medicine can also test for nicotine. They can also test for high levels of alcohol to help ensure employers that their team will be reliable, clean and sober.

Health Physicals

Companies that offer manual labor can also benefit from ADA compliant physicals. If a job requires heavy lifting or other physical labor, employers need to know that their team is up to the challenges. With health physicals, applicants will undergo a physical examination to ensure that they are reasonably fit for the job.

This is important for several reasons. It allows companies to eliminate applicants who would be unable to handle the physical requirements of the job. The other workers on the job need to be able to rely on their team members, and they will be safer and happier when everyone can handle the physical tasks. Accidents are avoided, and companies will reduce their turnover by ensuring that new hires are in the right physical health.

On-Site Employee Services

The flu can run rampant through most business environments and leave most of the staff ill. When too many people are out sick, productivity levels suffer. Employers can avoid facing these problems by having occupational medicine specialists provide flu shots or other services on-site. Employees are more likely to protect themselves with these vaccinations when they are convenient and free of charge to the employee.

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