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Things you need to know about OSHA

Stay up to date on Occupational Safety & Health

OSHA was created to establish safety guidelines for companies and businesses across America. According to smallbusiness.chron.com, since implementing the law companies are required to provide safe working conditions, and protective equipment, and train all employees regarding hazards, safety policies, and procedures. If you are working for a company or own one, you certainly have to keep up with all the rules and regulations.

  • Compliance
    • Managers must have the proper training to oversee and implement safety regulations and be knowledgeable when it comes to handling emergency incidents
  • Inspections
    • Inspectors may have questions regarding safety practices so having a designated point of contact to answer them is vital
    • OSHA has conducted over 230,000 inspections nationwide since 2010
  • Benefits
    • U.S. employment has nearly doubled and workplace fatalities have decreased more than 65% since OSHA’S establishment
    • Implementing OSHA’S safety program can save your business time and money
    • Training employees on safety regulations can prevent any on-the-job injuries
  • Penalties
    • OSHA enforces its rules and regulations by giving out citations and penalties that can be extremely costly
    • To avoid penalties, you would have to contact OSHA to find out which safety standards apply to your business and execute those policies and procedures to guarantee compliance

OSHA was created to protect workers across the United States. It is implemented to promote and assure workplace safety, and employee health, and to reduce workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. Compliance with OSHA’s rules and regulations is vital for a safe working environment.


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