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[Infographic] Unplugging on the Weekends

Are you struggling from electronic device distress? If you are, you’ve probably tried these recommended stretches (linked in the body), but now we’re challenging our readers to take the unplug challenge!

Soon as you leave work on Friday, try to limit the use of your phone and other electronic devices during the weekend. We’ve attached a fantastic infographic from the Greatist on tips to get you started on unplugging, but here are some other tips to help you keep that phone out of your hand:

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  • Phones are the new cameras and you will have plenty of moments you want to photograph during the weekend, but once you take that perfect shot, put the phone up! Save all of those moments for Monday and upload them in an album on Facebook instead of individually posting them throughout the weekend.
  • Turn off your email notifications! Chances are that your emails can wait until Monday morning when you’re back in the office. If you do need to be available for emergencies, give your phone number to a supervisor so they can call you in case something comes up that needs immediate attention.
  • If you really need to use your phone or iPad (Hello, Netflix binge watching!) then allocate a certain amount of time and that’s it. Finish everything you need and then put the phone up!


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