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Monday Roundup – April 6, 2015

Time to catch up on the latest occupational medicine, workplace safety, physical therapy, and general health news with our Monday Roundup!

As always, if we left something out, tweet it to us at @Nova_MedCenters!

  • The American Public Health Association has put out a new book, Occupational Safety and Health Policy, to help employers examine how they can make the workplace safer and healthier for employees. You can order the book from the APHA’s website.
  • Even though National Nutrition Month ended last week, these tips
    for employers on improving employee nutrition are fantastic to help you improve your workplace nutrition. Time to end those pizza parties!
  • Last week we discussed working out in the morning and today we have a study on how light can improve your workouts. This is the perfect time to start incorporating outdoor workouts and benefiting from the extra sunlight!
  • Finally, we’re ending the Monday Roundup with some humor. Here are eight workplace safety videos that are sure to make you laugh on a Monday.

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