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Everyday Compliance Reminders

For you and your patient’s safety

In our everyday lives, we keep daily reminders, to-do lists and calendar appointments to help us focus on our important tasks. Similarly, as healthcare professionals, we need to keep a daily checklist to remind us to stay compliant. Compliance should be a top priority.

Here are three important compliance “TO-DOs” that will keep you compliant all year round:

1. Secure Your Computers

  • Use the CTRL+ALT+DELETE function to lock your computer every time you step away from your desk for an extended period
  • Use a unique password to access your computer. A strong password is the 1st line of defense to securing PHI
  • If you use any type of electronic portable device, make sure it is encrypted to protect PHI.

2. Workplace Security

  • Always wear your employee badge
  • Always make sure that all exit doors are closed to safeguard access to PHI and for the safety of patients and employees
  • Avoid “Tailgating” by letting an individual without an employee badge into the facility or area where sensitive information and PHI is maintained
  • If you see an individual without an ID badge attempting to access the facility or an area with sensitive information, always confirm their identity or alert a supervisor

3. Secure PHI in any form

  • Do Not Send PHI by email (unless encrypted), text or social media
  • Do Not put PHI in your trash, ONLY use a secure shred bin to dispose of PHI
  • Do Not fax/scan PHI without a cover sheet. The cover sheet should contain the company’s approved confidentiality statement
  • Do Not leave PHI unattended on your desk or in your work area. Always clear your work area and lock-up PHI and confidential information.

Curious what OSHA has to say? Check it out here: OSHA Compliance

The privacy of our patients is a paramount concern of Nova Medical Centers and is critical to the continued success of our organization.

Our commitment is to keep PHI safe and secure at all times.

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