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Nova’s Dr. Kimberly Lee PT, DHS Runs Chattanooga Marathon

We are so shamelessly proud of one of our very own. Dr. Kimberly Lee PT, DHS completed the Chattanooga Marathon on Sunday, March 6 with her husband David. That’s 26.2 miles folks!

She is such an inspiration to her colleagues and friends. Her positive attitude, determination, and leadership is what we, here at Nova Medical Centers, strive for each and every day.

Kimberly shares her running story

I ran track in high school, but only the sprints. As soon as I graduated, I gave up running, except on volleyball courts. After I turned 40, I realized I needed a physical outlet that didn’t require a gym as my job required frequent travel and my schedule was unpredictable. So running seemed to be the simplest choice – after all, all I needed was a pair of running shoes and some shorts, right?

I began running in April of that year, with my goal set for a half-marathon in November. Well, 8 weeks into my new “career”, I injured myself. Being a good PT, I self-treated (that didn’t work out so well). After much heartache (and muscle pain), I finally went to see a running expert, received treatment, and discovered I had been running all wrong! After relearning how to run, I did complete my first half-marathon and was in awe of those who were able to run a full marathon. No way was that for me!

Fast forward 4 years of continued running and active adventures, I finally decided to take on a full marathon – unfortunately I timed it so it would be a few weeks after I ran the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, and the marathon was less than successful (the Grand Canyon run was amazing however!). I knew at that time that I needed to prove to myself that I could “beat” the marathon, but mentally I was nowhere near where I needed to be.

It took me another 2 years, but finally picked my next marathon – the inaugural Chattanooga Marathon. My husband and I trained together for 20 weeks, gradually increasing time & distance, remained injury free and were excited for the big day. Truly, the training was much more difficult than the race itself, and we went into it with the thought of just running it together & having a good time. The race was really just our victory lap after all of that training.

Kimberly with her husband David Lee

I am happy to report that I did meet my goals for the marathon, and we ended the race smiling. As to whether or not I will run another, I suspect the answer is yes, but first I have to train for running the Inca Trail this summer. Who knows what the fall might bring my way?

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