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Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

The key to emergency planning and business continuity is to prepare for risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by management.  In an effort to ensure Nova facilities are prepared, the following emergency protocol guidelines have been developed.

The most critical part of any emergency is to quickly and accurately provide brief, concise information and instruction to staff.

The emergency communication protocol will be initiated whenever an emergency occurs outside normal business hours and the Corporate Office has instructed department heads to proceed with “facility closure” or delayed “opening times”.  This communication procedure will utilize the most common means of mass communication: email, phone and text.

The corporate office will make the determination to close or delay opening of clinics or offices:

  • Staff in the affected areas will be informed of closures or delayed openings
  • A standard script, phone tree, text, email and social media updates will be used to disseminate information to staff
  • If you are concerned about a potential weather emergency or facility closure in your area, and have not been contacted by your supervisor, please email: disaster@n-o-v-a.com



Many of our facilities are in areas prone to severe weather conditions.  All employees should be prepared for unexpected weather and emergency situations.  Please review HR policy # 1065 – Facility Closures – Inclement Weather/Natural Disasters/Emergency to ensure that you adhere to company policy related to business needs and scheduling during time of emergency.

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