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Brain Boosting Tips

From the summer heat beating down on you to just being stuck in a routine, your brain isn’t always running at optimal speeds. That’s why we wanted to share some brain boosting tips to help you achieve more at work!

Sitting behind a desk all day long can put your brain into cruise control and hurt your productivity. Tired of feeling sluggish and ready for a brain boost? Check out these helpful tips on how to get that much needed boost!

  • Get Up and Move! Get that blood flowing and take a short walk around the office or outside! Countless studies have shown the benefits of movement on the body and the brain, but working in time for said walks can be hard. Try out these tips from our blog on how you can work in breaks.
  • Eating for Power! What you eat can impact how your brain works. Try incorporating super foods like salmon, blueberries, and nuts into your diet for a much needed boost. Want even more recommendations? Check out these 12 super foods that can help!
  • Play a Game! Sometimes all your brain needs is a break from what you’re working on and a different challenge. Playing games on Lumosity can help ramp up your brain for your job by challenging it with games crafted to boost brain power. Don’t want to spend money on a subscription? Take out a note pad and just start drawing or writing to get your brain going.
  • Nootropics Haven’t heard about Nootropics? These memory enhancing supplements have made a splash in the last couple of years for their benefits on the brain. You can learn more about them here. As always, speak to your doctor before incorporating any drugs or changes to your diet.
  • These are just a few suggestions on increasing you brain power. Did we leave something out? Share your tips with us in the comments section!

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