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6 Exercise Tips for Moms

Being a mom can be the most rewarding job but also the most exhausting. You are not only trying to balance your day to day routines, but you’re also making sure the family stays on schedule. As busy as you are, you may tend to think, how in the world are you going to fit an exercise routine when you can barely fit in the time to do laundry? With a little determination to incorporate physical health into your crazy routine and a few pointers to assist, all is possible, momma!

  1. Create a schedule. Keeping your family on a schedule also keeps you on a schedule. A daily schedule can prevent the feeling of frustration and overwhelming and can help form good habits all while prioritizing your time efficiently. Once you create a consistent routine that fits everyone’s needs, the easier it will be to squeeze in a workout.
  2. Prepare the night before, so you are not rushing in the morning. When rushing, you may forget items or tasks to do that may affect the remainder of your day. Key things to prepare could be your favorite smoothie, lunch for the family, and everyone’s clothes for the next day. Try pre-packing a workout bag, to eliminate one less worry before your workout session and reduce potentially wasted time.
  3. Workout before the day starts. This is the time to get away, energize and mentally prepare yourself for your long active day. In New York Times article, Heather Milton, an exercise psychologist for New York University’s performance lab, adds, “Morning workouts tend to be completed by those who prefer to check exercise off their list for the day before the rest of the daily to-do’s, children’s needs, busy gym or decrease in motivation hit them”.
  4. Don’t make your workouts long. When keeping your workouts to a minimum, your ability to stay on your morning schedule is effortless.Healthline.com explains that 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) burns more calories all while shortening your workout time. A physical health journal study from NSCA found that HIIT, “burned 25-30% more calories than other forms of exercise”.
  5. Include your kids, sometimes. Every parent’s daily routine is different; you may not have many opportunities or enough time to be apart from your children. A few workouts to consider could be outdoor walks or runs, workout groups or even mommy and me yoga. By having an interactive workout with your children, can establish new intimate bonding time. Another great benefit runners world article elaborated was on physical active mothers being an influence on their children to being more likely to be active, as well.
  6. Set goals that include incentives, not just for self, but also for your kid(s) too. As a parent, you tend to put your children’s needs before yours. To prevent a possible guilty conscience from just rewarding yourself, include your kids such a tasty treat to frozen yogurt.

Working out keeps you active, fit, energized, and increases your stamina. All beneficial aspects to having a productive day being the busy parent you are. These tips are designed to help, not just busy moms, but everyone in creating a healthful routine that best fits your personal life needs.

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