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5 Health and Safety-Minded New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year in full-swing, Nova Medical Centers knows it can be tough to attain your resolutions for a full year, so we’ve compiled a few occupational health resolutions that can be easily achieved!

It’s never too late to take steps to better your health and safety. Try these five resolutions on for size this year.

Prevent certain illnesses and viruses by getting vaccinated this year! Whether you are traveling internationally or just getting an extra boost of protection against the Flu, Nova Medical Centers has your back!

Stretch more! Many of us spend a lot of time using some sort of handheld device throughout the day – cell phones, tablets, keyboards and mice, switchboards or controls. Ease the tension that electronic devices cause with a few of these stretches!

Choose snacks that promote productivity while you are at work! Healthy options like fresh fruits, veggies and nuts can make a big difference on your day. Look through productivity-increasing choices to find a few snack and meal ideas for your workday.

Be better prepared this year with an optimally packed workplace first aid kit! Learn what supplies are required by both OSHA and the American National Standard (ANSI) to be available to workers.

Reduce pain at home by following along with our physical therapy YouTube videos that are tailored to specific injuries and body areas. Whether you are looking to increase your balance, stability or strength of a particular body part, we have an extensive collection of brief instructional videos to click through that are sure to cover you!

Know your health! As part of our health-oriented services, you can get a cholesterol screening, your height, weight and blood pressure checked, as well as your glucose levels and Body Mass Index (BMI) at one of our corporate health and wellness fairs. More information on scheduling a health and wellness fair is available here.

We hope that these tips and tidbits make it a little easier to help you to commit to being a healthier and safer you this year!

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