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Nova Medical Centers Responds to Texas Physical Therapy Association’s Advisory

Nation’s Largest Pure Occupational Health Provider Addresses Medicare Payment Policies in Texas;
Institutes Necessary Steps to Strengthen Compliance Functions to Meet Highest Regulatory Standards

HOUSTON – February 11, 2015 – Responding to an advisory issued Monday, February 9 by the Texas Physical Therapy Association (TPTA) regarding the interpretation of Medicare payment policies in Texas, Nova Medical Centers, the nation’s largest pure occupational health provider, announced today that it is well-positioned from a compliance standpoint as clarity of Texas workers compensation rules are emerging.

The newly emerging interpretation will impact the entire Texas workers compensation system and how physical therapists render physical therapy services to the Texas injured worker. Not allowing ready access of physical therapy services to injured workers will result in extended treatment and recovery times and therefore affect all stakeholders in the Texas Workers’ Compensation system.

This week’s advisory from the TPTA specifically related to seeking clarification and guidance from the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation around the use of physical therapy aides and techs when providing direct one-to-one care, along with the use of Medicare’s eight-minute rule for Texas Workers’ Compensation patients.

Given the confusion and complexities around state and Federal rules governing physical therapy services that have existed, Nova Medical Centers has been taking numerous steps to strengthen its overall compliance programs, including: recruiting additional physical therapists and physical therapy assistants; instituting a compliance program that adheres to guidance set forth by the Federal Office of Inspector General; and remaining committed to providing services that meet all Federal and state rules and regulations.

“We operate in an industry of often-complex, ever-changing rules and regulations and are pleased to see the TPTA alerting its members as a result of the ambiguity of Texas workers compensation policy,” said Bruce Meymand, chief operating officer of Nova Medical Centers. “It is incumbent on us and all other physical therapy providers in Texas to ensure we are in compliance with these rule clarifications,” he added. “Because of the various steps our company has taken, we are now at the forefront of compliance in the state of Texas and are committed to maintaining our position as a leading industry provider of occupational medicine services.”

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