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4 Things to Look for in an Occupational Health Provider

Complying with the safety measures and norms would not only enhance the productivity of the employees, but also spares the concerned company to pay a substantial amount of money as indemnity to the deceased or severely injured workers that met their fate while on duty. Therefore, you have to hire professionals who are well versed with the nuances of offering solutions that comply with the established safety norms.

What Services Should an Occupational Health Provider Offer?

The company you intend to hire should possess the wherewithal to cater to your comprehensive occupational health and safety needs.  A follow-up to Nova’s 3 Reasons for Employers to Use Occupational Health Centers, we now share with you the top 4 things to ask from your occupational health provider.

Safety Audits and On-Site Inspections

The identification of the risk factors in totality is the key towards providing safe workplace to the employees of the company. Therefore, the service provider should offer comprehensive baseline audit and site inspections that assists in analysis of the risk factors and minimizing the same. Moreover, the service provider should offer industry specific standards compliance audits that would determine the prioritized action plan for meeting the desired safety levels.

Nova Medical Centers works with leading Auditors and Inspectors to ensure the safety and productivity of your workers.  We offer safety consulting, inspections, and much more onsite.

Employee Safety Training

Courtesy- the ever-growing competition, many companies are now offering occupational health and safety services. Therefore, it is a highly feasible option to go for the service provider that offers technical knowhow related to occupational health and safety.

As a leading provider in Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee, we focus on the health and well-being of your employees.  We offer Health and Wellness meetings on-site to improve worker knowledge and safety.

Flexibility in Size and Scope of Offerings

The service provider should offer solutions to meet legal compliance for health and safety measures and make risk management strategies for not only big conglomerates but also for the smaller enterprises. Therefore, you should opt for firm that offers comprehensive services to the clients of different sizes. Visit to know more about fire and safety courses.

As a rapidly growing firm, we have worked with companies of all sizes, offering a full range of services.  Learn more about the Nova Difference and its impact on your workplace safety.

Industry Leading Credentials

First and foremost thing to consider here is that the service provider should possess the desired accreditations from the leading lights in the field. It is significant as accreditations stand as a testimony to the holistic services offered by the company.

You should also delve into the details of the clients that the service provider is currently catering to or have catered to in the past. This would impart you a clear picture about the capabilities and efficacy level of the company by large.

Through our growth and development, we offer a long-standing history of success for clients.  Read more from satisfied customers in our testimonial section, read through our blogs, and contact us for more information.

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