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The 10 Step Guide Every Employer Should Have for Motor Vehicle Safety

Protect your employees and your business

Millions of Americans drive or ride motor vehicles every day as a part of their jobs.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 2,083 deaths a year from occupational transportation incidents.  That is 40% of the 5,190 annual numbers of fatalities from occupational injuries. Motor vehicle transportation incidents remain the most fatal work injury event in 2016.  Though employers cannot control the condition of the roads, implementing a motor vehicle safety program at your workplace can reduce accidents and promote safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) created a joint 10-step guide for employers to utilize to promote motor vehicle safety. Here are the steps below:

  1. Senior Management Commitment & Employee Involvement
  • The senior management of a company sets the standard of the importance of motor vehicle safety for the organization. Having senior management actively engaged and committed to having motor vehicle safety policies in place helps efforts to prevent accidents.
  1. Written Policies and Procedures
  • Have a clear and written driving policy and procedure in place. Make sure your employers are fully aware of the policies that are in place and comprehend those policies.
  1. Driver Agreements
  • Establish a contract with all employees who drive for work purposes. By signing a contract the driver agrees to the motor vehicle safety policies your organization has in place and understands the consequences of violating any of those policies.
  1. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks
  • Make sure you check the driving records of all employees who drive for your company. Screen out drivers who have poor driving records and conduct MVR checks periodically.
  1. Crash Reporting and Investigation
  • Have a crash reporting and investigation process in place. All crashes that occur on the job need to be reported as soon as possible after the incident. In your motor vehicle safety policy, include your employee’s responsibilities if a crash occurs. Make sure to thoroughly review all crashes and if the incidents were preventable to avoid crashes in the future.
  1. Vehicle Selection, Maintenance, and Inspection
  • Company-owned vehicles used by employees should be properly maintained and routinely checked. Personal vehicles used for company business are the responsibility of the owner but should be maintained to the maximum safety level for the employee.
  1. Disciplinary Action System
  • Have a disciplinary action system in place for employees who violate your company’s motor vehicle safety policies. This shows the commitment that your organization has to motor vehicle safety and zero tolerance for employees who violate those policies.
  1. Reward/Incentive Program
  • Make safe driving a part of your company’s culture by implementing a reward/incentive program. When safe driving is recognized and rewarded employees put forth a greater effort in safe driving.
  1. Driver Training/Communication
  • Continuously provide driver safety training and communication. Everyone can benefit from periodic training and reminders of driver safety tips.
  1. Regulatory Compliance
  • Always make sure that your company and your business adhere to highway safety regulations from federal to state and local regulations.

Motor vehicle safety should be a top priority for any company where their employees utilize company vehicles. Implementing these steps will not only protect your employees but will also help protect your business.  You may also like 5 Commercial Truck Driver Health Tips and 4 Business Travel Tips.

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