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5 Ways to Tap into Your Creativity at Work

Creativity increases productivity

Creativity is a word that can either fill you with excitement or fill you with dread. When we imagine creativity sometimes our first thought is to measure our own levels of creativity or lack thereof. Our thoughts might also lead us to traditional forms of creativity like making a painting or composing music. The truth of the matter is that we are all capable of being creative and creativity matters in every job sector, especially less artistic ones. According to Adobe, 60% of CEOs agreed that creativity was the most important skill to have in a leadership role.  Some of the most innovative business ideas are birthed out of creativity but yet 80% of US residents feel pressure to be productive rather than creative at work and 75%of people believe they are not living up to their creative potential. Here are 5 ways to tap into your creativity at work:

  1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming sessions are probably the best way to facilitate and foster creative ideas. The best thing about brainstorms is they’re collaborative. Individual ideas are great but usually, the most successful and innovative ideas are created in a team environment.

  1. Take Risks

What stifles creativity the most is conventionality. In the workplace, it’s easy to be conventional and fall into a routine, especially in an office environment. Break conventionality and always be willing to take risks on new business ideas and strategies. Don’t be afraid to fail. There are learning experiences in failure and failure eventually leads to success.

  1. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals for what you want to accomplish allows your creativity to be structured and not chaotic. Structure and creativity are two words that seem to contradict each other but in actuality, they balance each other out.  Having clear goals in mind allows you to focus all of your creative energy on the task at hand and come up with the best ideas to accomplish your goals.

  1. Visualize

Visualization is just as if not more important than writing things down. Try implementing visualization in your work life. If you work with data create graphs and charts. Utilize a whiteboard in brainstorming meetings. In your cubicle, put up art or things that inspire you. Visualize your planner by color coding. Visualization in your work environment kick-starts the creative flow in your brain.

  1. Foster Diversity

Be intentional about diversity in your work life. People from different socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, races, and age groups tend to have different ideas about how to solve problems. Expand your social circle. Something you learn from someone who isn’t from the same background as you can help you see things from a different perspective and ultimately can help you be more creative.

Creativity belongs in every area of our lives. You don’t have to feel stifled creatively at work. By implementing these tips, you can utilize creativity in the workplace and feel fulfilled creatively. You may also like: 3 Ways to Improve your Teamwork and How to Maintain your Mental Health at Work.



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