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Workplace Security Tips Your Company Should Use

Security should be a top priority

Workplace security should be a top priority for your company.  Not only do you want to ensure that your employees are safe but you want to make sure that your company’s equipment and goods are safe and secure as well. Burglaries and other security breaches can be prevented if the right security measures are in place. Check out these simple tips you can use at your company to ensure workplace security.

  1. Minimize access

Intruders are more likely to be on your company’s premises if they have easy access to your building. Require visitors to sign in with a receptionist or pass through a security checkpoint. Lock rooms that contain expensive equipment or goods and only allow responsible employees access to the keys. Supply your staff with ID badges or passcodes so that you can properly identify everyone who has access to the building.

  1. Get a security system

Having a security system that can monitor who goes in and out of the building or can alert you of a break-in is a good investment for your company.  In a situation where the door to your office wasn’t properly locked or a window was accidentally left open, a security system can help prevent possible break-ins. Video surveillance is also a great way to monitor the activity that’s going on in your company and can help you detect abnormal activity.

  1. Train employees

Depending on how large or small your organization is, if your company is on a smaller scale make sure your staff is familiar with who they work with so that they can easily detect an intruder. Encourage employees to lock their personal items in cabinets and drawers if they’re away from their desks and make sure they are trained to secure all company information via technology. This includes properly logging out of desktops and not leaving confidential business information on unattended screens.

You can never go wrong in taking steps to properly secure your business. Having the right security measures in place will help secure your company’s most important assets and also make the safety of your employees a top priority. You may also like FEMA’s 3-Step Guideline For Active Shooter Response in the Workplace and Tips to Prevent Workplace Violence.

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