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Nova Culture

Nova Medical Centers is one of the leading occupation healthcare providers in the nation. Our journey began 25 years go in Conroe, Texas with a single facility dedicated to providing the highest level of healthcare to patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries. Today, over 49 Nova facilities provide treatment to 40,000 injuries each year and attend to more than 60,000 patient visits annually across Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana. We acknowledge that our success depends heavily on keeping our Nova Culture alive which relies on 3 key aspects:

Our Mission and Vision

We are transforming the occupational health industry through exceptional service, outcomes, and inNOVAtion. Outstanding patient service in our facilities, extraordinary enhancements in our technologies for our staff members and remarkable improvements in our services for our clients all assist in successfully executing our mission.  Continuing on this path will allow us to deliver incomparable occupational healthcare coast to coast.

Ethics and Compliance

At Nova Medical Centers, we have a comprehensive Ethics and Compliance program which is an integral part of the way we care for patients and conduct business with our clients and occupational healthcare partners. We not only meet but exceed all standards set forth by OSHA, ADA, NIOSH and state and federal guidelines.


Quality, respect, service, and teamwork are values at the center of all that we do. We understand the importance of supporting our staff members in flourishing their passion in order to deliver quality service to patients. We respect every single role and partnership involved in making our mission a reality. Working together as a team builds trust and strong communication with our patients, staff, clients, and business partners.

With continuous growth and evolvement in the occupational health industry, it is reassuring to have the consistency of our Nova culture to help guide our decisions and remind us of our mission in providing transformational and exceptional services to our patients, clients, and team members.

At Nova Medical Centers, we aim to be the best in the industry and pride ourselves in providing exceptional services. Our Nova Culture has played an extensive role in revolutionizing the occupational health industry.  Contact Us for more information on how you can be part of the expedition. Our friendly staff and team of experts are here to meet all your occupational health needs.

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