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Injury Rehab: 5 Apps to Assist Your Recovery

Dealing with injuries is not fun. It is challenging for regular folks to have to deal with injuries but for athletes, it is a lot tougher. There are no miracles though. Hard work and patience are required to bounce back from injuries. Folks who are dealing with an injury need to work with physiotherapists and other professionals to get on track. These 5 iPad applications also give users an idea how to deal with injuries:

1. Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs:

A handy tool that gets you familiar with various lower limbs injuries and suggests exercise and moves to deal with them.

2. iMuscle 2

A powerful application that gives you a better idea how to exercise various muscles in your body the right way. Over 650 high quality 3D animated exercises and stretches are available. Use this app to find moves that can strengthen specific parts of your body.

3. PT Timer

An easy timer and rep counter for your exercises. It allows you to set up your entire workout. A useful tool to keep your physical therapy program on track.

4. Pain Therapy

This App covers 30 exercise and stretching videos organized by pain issue, anatomy, and exercise equipment. You can view the videos on your TV with an Apple TV.

5. Motion Doctor

An app for physical therapy, Motion Doctor shows you how to prevent painful syndromes from developing. It has 60 exercises and stretches for your entire body, including routines for sports such as baseball, and boxing.

Folks who are seriously injured should consult with a professional for injury rehabilitation. The above apps can certainly help them become more informed and take better care of their body. Via appfinders.


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