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Avoiding and Preventing Job Scams – Nova Medical Centers

It has come to our attention that job seekers in the states of Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia have been fraudulently contacted by individuals claiming to be representatives of Nova Medical Centers.  These individuals, as part of the application process, have attempted to solicit money from job applicants.

Please note, that anyone attempting to solicit money from applicants is not a representative of Nova Medical Centers.  They are fraudulently and illegally using our organization’s trusted name to deceive job seekers.

Nova Medical Centers and its representatives will never solicit money from those seeking a career at Nova. If anyone claiming to be a representative of Nova Medical Centers has solicited money as part of the employment process, please contact our Office of Compliance at 713.880.4400 or by confidentially submitting the information to stopjobscams@n-o-v-a.com.

Nova Medical Centers cares about its applicants and is taking measures to protect job seekers from scams like this. To help those seeking employment in any field at any company, we have compiled resources on preventing and avoiding job scams.

5 Tips to Spot a Job Scam

We offer this advice courtesy of US News & World Report.  Learn how to stop a Job Scam before it starts.

People who run job scams use the heightened emotions inherent in job searching – stress, anxiety, fear, hopelessness – to their advantage because they know people are distracted by their need to find employment.  Follow the tips below to spot and stop a job scam.

1. Know the most common job scams

As with anything, if a job description seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t an authentic opportunity. Jobs offering a lot of money for very little effort on your part are likely fronts for people who hope to collect information from you.

The most common job scams tend to focus on a few specific types of jobs.  Common job types job scammers target are as follows:

  • Data Entry
  • Stuffing Envelopes
  • Rebate/Forms Processing
  • Wire Transfers
  • Money Movement
  • Shipping Management
  • Craft Assembly
  • Pyramid Sales Schemes

If you see those types of ads, your best bet is to steer clear.

2. Verify Job Listings on the Company Website

New job scams often use a real company’s name to advertise their scam. They attract job seekers who see job postings for G.E. and Google and don’t realize they are fake jobs the company did not post.

It is important to be careful about ads that look legitimate and that contain the name and Web site of well-known companies but carry a “free” e-mail address (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL) for a reply.

3. Learn how to spot scam behavior

When is the last time a real company contacted you out of the blue and offered you a job?

People mining the Internet for information, who prey on job seekers, might conduct job interviews over instant messaging programs and could make a job offer quickly.

Another tell-tale sign that you may be caught in a scam is that the hiring manager asks for your decision immediately.

“This creates a sense of urgency that if you don’t act on it, you may lose the job to someone else,” Sutton Fell explains. “Once they’ve lured you in, they’ll ask you for money – either to purchase job supplies like software or training materials, or to start a direct deposit account for your paycheck. You’ll almost never see a reputable employer engaging in these practices.”

4. Be Cautious about Some Job Boards

Most major job boards don’t pre-screen job listings before publishing, so don’t assume a job is legitimate because it’s listed on a major site. Look for sites that do pre-screen their postings. Before applying, research the company and conduct a Google search to learn about its reputation. You may find stories of other people being scammed, which will save you time, money and headaches later.

Before you apply on a job board, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the title include “WORK FROM HOME” in the title?
  • Does the title include dollar signs or exclamation points?
  • Are there multiple typos in the description?
  • Does the job flaunt “No Experience Necessary”?
  • Does the job pride itself on “***IMMEDIATE HIRE***” (Please note, this may also be a door-to-door third-party vendor scam)
  • Does the job ask for “Sports Minded Individuals”?

Please also read this List of Job Scam Examples.

5. Trust your Gut Instinct

Job scammers believe that job seekers must be desperate and count on them to be vulnerable. These scams usually don’t offer details about the job and may request sensitive information, such as your bank account details and social security number.

Additional Resources on Spotting and Preventing Job Scams

We also welcome you to read through the following resources on spotting, preventing, and reporting job scams.

Nova Medical Centers: Committed to Stopping Job Fraud

We again would like to remind you that Nova Medical Centers will never solicit money from individuals seeking careers in our offices.

Anyone calling or texting from the following numbers is not a representative of Nova Medical Centers:

  • 202.697.7955
  • 848.667.7117
  • 903.224.7740
  • 903.364.7214
  • 951.292.0892
  • 302.583.3842
  • 267.737.8641
  • 512.309.8417 (Yahoo IM: Nathanscott815)

Please Note:

  • Nova Medical Centers will never text potential applicants.
  • Nova Medical Centers does not contract individuals to work from home.
  • Nova Medical Centers does not interview via Yahoo Instant Messenger.
  • Nova Medical Centers will never request money from potential applicants.

Nova Medical Centers is not affiliated with anyone claiming to be the following:

  •  Ms. Rosemary Holmes
  • Ms. Sarah Cornor (sarahcornor474@yahoo.com)
  • Ms. Jennifer Nichole
  • Mrs. Angela Friedman
  • Mr. Nathan Scott: 512.309.8417 (Yahoo IM: Nathanscott815)
  • Ms. Angela Thomas
  • Ms. Joy Smith (joysmith138@yahoo.com)

We also welcome you to report individuals claiming to be representatives of Nova Medical Centers to our Office of Compliance by calling 713.880.4400 or emailing stopjobscams@n-o-v-a.com.

Nova Medical Centers is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, marital status, or veteran status.

Please visit our careers page for verified Nova Medical Centers Opportunities.

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