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How Nova Incorporates Technology and Occupational Health

Over the years, people’s health has been placed at the hands of technology. Whether it is a wristwatch that counts steps and calories or an app that tells you which exercises to do, technology has played a vital role in our daily lives. A study conducted by Great Call showed that 50% of smartphone users have downloaded a mobile health app and 93% of physicians believe that these apps can help improve patients’ health. At Nova Medical Centers, we also provide easy and convenient electronic services to our patients and employers to make their occupational health experience worthwhile. Below are a few we use.


Tele-Triage is a way for employees to get medical advice when injuries occur either after normal business hours or far away from an occupational medicine clinic. Nova’s licensed physicians are available 24/7 to answer any of these calls. These professionals are able to assess and recommend treatment options as a courtesy and in a timely manner. Employees deserve proper care on the job at any time and any place. By simply calling 1-866-480-1310 and clicking Option 5, you will be connected to a physician who is specifically trained to assist you throughout the process.


The use of electronic medical recordings has also increased exponentially throughout the years. At Nova, all patient updates and recommendations are recorded in real-time through our top-of-the-line reporting system, Occuflex®. Occuflex® is a way for the employees and employers to know exactly what is going on with the health of the patient. Electronic health records, online bill pay, and test results are also benefits of our technology services.

Nova Mobile App

Roughly ¾ of Americans, which is 77% now own a smartphone. The notion of having everything on your phone is now a reality; your wallet, health information, contacts, navigation. Nova makes it easy for you to find any of our 48 locations with the Nova Mobile App on Apple or Android. Not only can you look for locations, but you can also log in to Occuflex®.  By leveraging technology, Nova is working towards bridging the gap in communication.

The evolution of technology has changed the medical field in a variety of ways. At Nova, we cater to the needs of our patients and strive to provide the best care for them whenever and wherever they need it.


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