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5 Ways to Stay Focused on the Job

CSM Sessions

Five CSM Sessions We Don’t Want to Miss

The countdown is on for our physical therapy team as they gear up for APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim, California. Last week, Dr. Andrea Hull, PT, DPT gave us five things you need to survive CSM 2016. Don’t forget that name tag! Today, it’s all about the CSM sessions. Here are Dr. Hull’s top five session recommendations for Physical Therapists who will be in attendance.

Warning. She talks in hashtags. You should too!

1. The Many Faces of Sports Physical Therapy #occupationalathletes #nova

2. Mirror, Mirror, in my Brain: Graded Motor Imagery to Improve Clinical Outcomes #outcomemeasures #improving #getpaid

3. Why and How Exercise Is the Best Treatment for Tendinopathy #overuse #alldaylong

4. Evidenced-Based Approach for Selection and Application of Strength and Neuromuscular Control Exercises for ACL Rehabilitation #showmetheresearch

5. Sports Medicine Secrets for the Advanced Orthopaedic Clinician #OCSgettin #frontrowsittin

Dr. Hull PT DPT

Dr. Andrea Hull, PT, DPT graduated from Southwest Baptist University in 2014 and is originally from Missouri. September 2016 she will be celebrating two years with Nova Medical Centers. Dr. Hull enjoys running, hiking, and travel. This will be her first time attending CSM.

top new year's resolutions

Top New Year’s resolutions

It’s a new year and time to make those New Year’s resolutions! Most of us will, with good intentions, make the resolutions, but break them within months and sometimes days. So, let’s put the real back into the realistic when making these resolutions. According to a survey conducted by, here are the top New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

You might be a little surprised:

  1. Enjoy life to the fullest
  2. Live a healthier lifestyle
  3. Lose weight
  4. Spend more time with family and friends
  5. Save more, spend less
  6. Pay down debt

About one-third of the total number of respondents selected “none of the above,” indicating that they either don’t plan to make a resolution for 2016 or their goal wasn’t represented among the offered choices. These analyses on resolutions were conducted on only the remaining portion of responses that selected one or more of the resolutions above.

New Year's Resolutions

This list is rather refreshing. Seeing ‘Enjoy life to the fullest’ as number one reminds us to live in “the now” and be present to those around us.

Want more New Year’s fun? Check out the most popular new year’s resolutions separated by each individual state.

popular new year's resolutions

While, it was rated number one, losing weight was still in the top six resolutions as was ‘living a healthier lifestyle.’ Here at Nova Medical Centers, we are solely focused in occupational medicine. Our patients get healthy sooner with optimal results, so that they can make your workforce better, faster and stronger. From minor emergencies to drugscreens and physical therapy, we are dedicated to helping employers create a culture of healthy lifestyle.

What is your New Year’s resolution? We would love to hear about it in the comments section!


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You can follow her on Twitter @SocialNewsSara as well as our corporate account @NovaMedicalCenters.

Occupational Health Predictions for 2016

As the New Year approaches, the The Ambulatory M&A Advisor has been working with CEOs and developers from across different areas of the market, including Nova Medical Centers, to bring its readers various predictions for 2016 in the field of Occupational Health.

DCoeBlogPostRichard Romero reached out to Darren Coe, VP of Business Development and Mergers and Acquisitions for NOVA Medical and he says it is interesting watching the market, especially in healthcare.

“We see a lot of consolidation happening in many different facets of healthcare. Workers comp and occupational medicine is no different. We have seen a lot of consolidation over the years, but I think you are actually going to see it pick up in 2016.  You have got some of the big players that are getting more involved again, as well as just some of the other local groups that are starting to grow as well, becoming more and more ripe for acquisitions,” Coe says.

Coe explains that some of the biggest challenges are just dealing with the regulatory environment of healthcare. Even for larger groups, he says it is difficult for them to be able to adapt to all of the changes.

The other challenge that occupational health is dealing with is just reimbursement he says.

“It is becoming more and more expensive to run a practice because of the need to upgrade to ICD-10, or to adapt to EHRs that meet specific requirements that continue to increase from year to year. Now, they are in a position where you have to keep up with those costs, but reimbursement for the services provided has gone down. So, that is one of the biggest challenges that you have to face; How do you maintain the level of margins that you need to, and still provide good  healthcare?” Coe says.

“However, not only are these changes and obstacle that we have to overcome, but they also give us the ability to adapt to the changes, adapt to the needs of the patients as well as meeting the requirements of the regulations that are coming out as well. So, to be someone that can provide a workable solution and be able to maintain a business and still provide good patient care; I think is the key to opportunities.”

To read other perspectives in the Occupational Medicine industry, along with the full article click here.