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Social Media: A Distraction or Benefit in the Workplace?

4 ways social media has a surprising effect on employees

Social Media has become ingrained in our everyday lives. According to recent studies, the average person spends 5 years of his or her life on social media and over 2 hours on social media per day. The Pew Research Center claims that 77 % of workers reported that they use social media while on the job. With those statistics, one can assume that social media can reduce productivity in the workplace but social media might actually be beneficial for your organization. Here are 4 ways social media can benefit your employees:

  1. It provides a mental break

Taking brief mental breaks throughout your workday helps increase individual productivity and performance. Using a mental break to scroll through social media can be a great way to relax your mind and allow your body to recharge. It might also help to bring clarity and focus to the tasks at hand.

  1. Builds relationships with coworkers

Social media is a great tool to build and strengthen relationships with co-workers. Through social media, communication with coworkers can improve and company morale can increase. Strong relationships among employees can lead to an environment where employees are more collaborative, creative, and constructive.

  1. It’s a training tool

When used right, social media is an excellent self-training tool. In our day-to-day lives, we have used social media to teach us to how to do a variety of things from cooking to dancing, etc. The same way we utilize social media to teach us new skills is the same way social media can be utilized in the workplace. Employees can take initiative in increasing their productivity by using social media to improve or add to their skill sets or solve work-related problems.

  1. Builds and retains engagement

Engaged employees are the key to any successful business. When employees feel engaged in their work and at their company, they are motivated to work at their best capacity. Unfortunately, only 13% of employees feel engaged at work worldwide. What better way to improve employee engagement by implementing social media? Social media’s purpose is to help people connect, communicate, and engage with the world around them. Employers can use the power of social media to create a work environment where employees are heard, recognized, and challenged.

Allowing employees to have access to social media doesn’t mean they should have free reign. There definitely needs to be a balance when it comes to social media in the workplace. For employers, have a social media policy in place so that your employees know the appropriate boundaries for their social media use at work. Strategically using social media can actually benefit employees in the long run and might not be as distracting as you think. You may also like: 3 Apps to Keep You Healthy in The Office and 3 Unique Ways to Switch Up Your Work Routine


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