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Ultimate Checklist of Things to Do Before Your Trip

Summer is just around the corner which means you’re probably starting to plan your summer vacations. Research has shown that vacations benefit employees. According to TIME magazine, 55% of workers who returned after a vacation had higher levels of energy. Before you start counting down the days till your time off, you want to make sure that you have taken care of your essential work and travel duties before you leave. Here’s a list of things you should do:

  1. Complete all your work assignments ahead of time

The last thing you want to do on your vacation is to think about work or all the work assignments you have to get back to once your vacation is over. There is no point in taking a vacation if you‘re going to be stressed out about an overwhelming workload to return to. Do yourself a favor and complete everything you need to do before you go. This will not only make your vacation better but it will also help out your co-workers as well.

  1. Get vaccinated

Sometimes in the midst of travel preparation, we tend to forget to get our travel vaccines. Depending on where you’re traveling, vaccines can help prevent potentially highly contagious and/or deadly diseases. Try to get vaccinated a few weeks ahead of your trip. After your vacation, you want to return to work refreshed and renewed.  You don’t want to return to work with an illness that not only affects you and your productivity but could potentially affect your co-workers.

  1. Give advance notice of your trip

You never want to blindside your employer. Plan ahead and make sure you inform your employer several weeks ahead of your vacation. This will give your employer enough time to make arrangements while you’re gone or to delegate the workload to your co-workers. Also if a co-worker is taking over your tasks, make sure they fully understand how to perform your duties.

  1. Set up an Out-of-Office e-mail and voicemail

Don’t allow your voicemail and email to be bombarded with calls and messages. Setting up an Out-of-Office email and voicemail helps inform those who are trying to contact you that you currently cannot be reached. Make sure that in your Out-of-Office email and voicemail you leave the date you’ll be out of the office and when you’ll be returning.

  1. Leave a list of passwords

There is nothing more annoying than not having access to important files to complete work assignments. It’s an additional headache when your co-workers are trying to reach you on your vacation but you can’t be reached.  Save everyone the aggravation and leave a list of passwords for your computers and important documents your co-workers need access to while you’re gone.

Thoroughly preparing and taking care of your duties at work beforehand will allow you to truly relax and enjoy your well-deserved time off. You may also like 4 Business Travel Tips and How to Balance Your Career and Personal Life.

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