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The Positive Impact of Employee Wellness Programs

June is National Employee Wellness Month. Companies have an opportunity to create a culture of healthiness within their organization by implementing some fun activities to celebrate the importance of this month. In fact, getting the ball rolling about emphasizing employee wellness can have many positive effects for workers and employers.

An integrated employee wellness program offers employees new avenues to lose weight, stop smoking and control chronic conditions.  If employees become healthier they are less prone to injury, and if injured, more likely to recover quicker.  Plus, company wellness goals let employees know that their employer cares about them. Employers that engage with their employees prior to an injury can actually make a positive impact on injury management side.

Employers do not need to implement an expensive wellness plan. Really, they just need to explain it clearly and engage their employees. Once received, participation will positively impact their workers’ compensation costs — something many employers often feel is out of their control. Overall, a healthier workforce means fewer injuries and less time away from the job should an injury occur. It’s a relatively simple concept, but one that employers are realizing has important value in efficiently managing their business costs.

A wellness program can reduce the frequency, severity and duration of injuries.  It helps employees and employers understand factors and warning signs that can impact workplace safety and create a healthy company environment. It’s win-win for everyone.

Here are a few ides to celebrate National Employee Wellness Month:

  • Offer biometric screenings
  • Organize a group walk at lunchtime
  • Have employees create personal goals, track their progress and provide small rewards
  • Have a raffle with healthy giveaways like a water bottle, workout shirt or step tracker
  • Share healthy recipes in the company newsletter


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