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How to Make a Sore Throat Feel Minor with a Few Helpful Tips

A sore throat is, oftentimes, the first sign you notice that sickness is approaching. To some, this could be the worst part of being sick due to your throat hurting and being so sore that it is hard to eat or drink! With the insight of a few out many helpful remedies, you can avoid a sore throat from ruining or putting a halt to your day.

Sore Throat Remedies 

Humidifiers add moisture to the air, and with a sore throat, you may experience dryness which contributes to the pain and irritation when you swallow or talk. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil can help enhance your benefits. If a humidifier isn’t at your convenience, you can prepare a hot shower; close the bathroom door and meditate in the steamy air.

Honey used for healing! Honey is one of many traditional methods of naturally treating sore throats. In the NCBI research article, results verify that honey is an exponential source to healing wounds; therefore the process of healing your sore throat can be increased as well. Honey can be added to your favorite tea, in hot water or even consumed by itself.

Peppermint Tea has many antiviral benefits to help treat and restore a healthful throat. Peppermint is great for adding a cooling effect to soothe inflamed throat tissue and reduce pain caused by swelling. You can either purchase packets off peppermint tea or boil peppermints in hot water.

Drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated is key when experiencing a sore throat. Medicine Net notes that “staying hydrated can help ease congestion, thin mucus secretions, and keep the throat moist.” By consistently drinking water, you are preventing the feeling of itchiness and preventing your throat from drying and cracking.

Try to stray away from caffeinated and sugary drinks or foods until your symptoms are cured as these can promote dehydration.

Sleep till you can’t sleep anymore! According to the Chicago Tribune, sleep is when “your body can make more white blood cells that can attack viruses and bacteria that can hinder the healing process.” Sleeping is the time your body restores itself and works over-time to repair its health levels.

And with a sore throat, the less talking, the better!

Popsicles! Ice-cream! Having a sore throat doesn’t have to be the worst thing as you have the excuse to eat as much ice cream or popsicles as you want. This a great option to remaining hydrated and the super coldness helps numb the throat to soothe the pain.

If your sore throat does not improve after a few days, seek out to a doctor to suggest any different over-the-counter or prescribed medication to help target treat your symptoms. I hope everyone stays happy and healthy this fall!!

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