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Windmill exercise for hip strength and mobility

The base for most of our body’s movement comes from your hips and the muscles that surround them. Think about those instances where you are walking up stairs or bending over to pick up a child. Hip strength and mobility is one of the keys to, not only good performance, but comfort during day to day activities.

Our hips can become less functional due to injury or become stiff due to prolonged positioning. Sit at a computer all day with little movement? That can stiffen your hips and allow them to become weaker.

If you’re in an occupation that requires a lot of bending, such as a gardener or landscaper, here’s an exercise for strengthening your hips and improving mobility from Nova Medical Centers‘ Dr. Kevin Dang.

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Our industry leading physical therapy program follows applicable federal, state, and trade association compliance guidelines. Patients Receive 1 to 1 Care. Unlike many of our competitors, Nova provides direct one-to-one patient care as defined by the American Medical Association. This means Nova patients don’t share their individual therapy time with multiple patients. When a single patient is a therapist’s only focus, patients get better faster and return to work sooner.

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Treatment Philosophy: Nova Medical Centers prides itself on being a premier Occupational Health provider through our constant pursuit of clinical excellence with our comprehensive sports therapy approach. We build safer, smarter, and stronger Occupational athletes through the implementation of evidence-based interventions such as hands-on manual therapy and progressive work simulated activities to reduce the risk of re-injury and produce positive outcomes.

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