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Don’t Sabotage Weight Loss Goals During the Holiday Season

With parties among family and friends and potlucks aplenty planned at your workplace, it can be hard to keep the pounds off during the holiday season.

Everyone likes a party, right? If you’re committed to losing some extra weight, food-focused celebrations can begin to feel more like a penalty than a prize. There are ways to keep from packing on the pounds without foregoing the festivities.

Tips for keeping trim during the holiday season

  • Remember why: It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of a party and forget about your weight loss goals. Before heading to a party, write down your goals or affirmations about what losing weight will mean for your life. Will it allow you to fit into those jeans you thought you’d never squeeze into again? Will you be able to play more easily with your children or grandchildren? Remembering why you embarked on your weight loss journey, and writing your reasons down, can help keep you on track.
  • Eat mindfully: It’s easy to graze at a party and before you know it you’ve consumed the equivalent of a pie-sized quiche in the form of bite-size appetizers. Don’t let a bit of nerves or other distraction overcome your desire to stick to a healthy eating plan.
  • Avoid alcohol: Overindulging in alcohol will add calories and may keep you from staying mindful of what you are consuming.
  • Use salad-size plates: Choose what you want to eat and, when your salad-size plate is full, step away from the table.
  • Eat colorfully: Many foods that are high in fat and sugar are bland in hue. Think cheesecake or sugar cookies. Choose brightly colored foods –the sort of colors that come in nature– and you’re more likely to be choosing veggies.
  • Take a break: There’s a temptation at any gathering to crowd around the drink or dining table. Make a vow to break away from those hot spots. Take a stroll and maybe you’ll run into an old friend and find yourself having so much fun you will forget about the holiday spread.
  • Exercise: The holiday season can be a hectic time. Making a commitment to work out at least four times a week can reduce stress and help you stay on your path to losing weight.

For some tips on preparing lighter versions of favorite holiday foods, go to: http://www.thehowtomommy.com/how-to-get-healthy/how-to-keep-the-pounds-off-during-the-holidays/


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