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Building Workplace Trust

According to Wilis Towers Watson, in a 2014 Global Workforce Study, 79% of highly engaged employees have trust and confidence in their leaders. Companies that are trust-leaders outperform in customer loyalty and retention, hold competitive market positions, exhibit ethical behavior, and grow profits. Mutual faith is essential in promoting cooperative relationships, effective project teamwork, and early project involvement which influences open communication. Build your team up by learning how to grow trust by implementing exercises and communicating effectively.

Develop Leadership Skills:

  • Ask people to let you know how they feel about decisions that will affect the team as a whole or individuals of a team.
  • Effectively communicate so people understand why certain decisions are being considered.
  • Empower people by providing the tools and information they need for success.
  • Own up to your mistakes.
  • Steer away from the ‘command-and-control decision-making’ style and have a collaborative process in place.

*The best leaders communicate clearly and follow up their words with action.

Create an Uplifting Environment:

  • Have clear goals and ‘vision’ communicated clearly.
  • Make blueprints available to show how to reach goals.
  • Be sure that trust and energy are encouraged.

Implement Communication Standards:

  • Allow people to interact directly and frequently with each other.
  • Do what you can to ensure people will feel that honest and open exchange of thought is encouraged.
  • Have a process in place where people can bring up issues and resolve conflict.
  • Develop an effective system for handling documents and data.
  • Allow for feedback and recognition.

*Setting a standard in team communication could be an excellent team-building exercise carried out early in the team’s development.

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