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Nova Medical Centers Now Open in Savannah, Georgia

Nova Medical Centers, the largest pure occupational medicine company in the nation, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Industrial Medicine, P.C. in Savannah, GA..

This new Savannah facility is the sixth one Georgia and accompanies Nova’s 47 other centers across Texas, Georgia and Tennessee. The Savannah center is located at 1128 E DeRenne Ave., and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“Dr. Haberman has built an exceptional practice in Chatham County over the past 35 years and Nova is pleased to become the custodian of his legacy going forward,” said Bruce Meymand, Chief Operating Officer for Nova Medical Centers. “With Industrial Medicine, P.C.’s reputation and Nova Medical Center’s outcome based results; Savannah employers will get an improved level of service and efficiency in the management of workers compensation injuries.”

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About Nova Medical Centers
Nova Medical Centers has expanded its footprint across Texas and Georgia, and has most recently begun operating in Tennessee. Nova treats more than 40,000 work-related injuries annually across its locations with an average claim closure rate of 14 days. Nova utilizes cutting edge real-time web-based reporting through its proprietary electronic medical system, Occuflex, which allows Nova’s clients to remain constantly up-to-date with claim status. Nova Medical Centers continues to revolutionize occupational healthcare by providing the best occupational medical services possible.

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